Thursday, November 4, 2010

"What drives us......" - by Nitish

"Which is the most resilient parasite of all????? A bacteria???A virus??? Nope...... An idea... Highly resilient and contagious...... Once it enters our body, i.e. sticks in our brain, it becomes highly difficult or even impossible to eradicate afterwards...... It drives people....."
I came across these words in a recent movie and realized that even we were, and are, driven by ideas. There have been many occasions when we thought about doing something or had an idea to do something, and we did it. I don't know about the others, but it never came to my mind why actually we did it. The tasks we did weren't wrong, but tasks which some may call "a waste of time". Only thing which was in our mind while doing them was:
"It doesn't matter whether people like what we do or not, the only thing that matters is whether we are enjoying ourselves"
Even now we do thinks just because we came up with an idea to do it or got the idea from someone.....

People say that somethings never change.
In our case, it is true.......

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  1. dude!!! u copied it straightaway from inception !!! yarr be original!!