Saturday, October 30, 2010

The All $tar$

These are the members of our group.......
1. Arpan Mandal a.k.a. Man2
2. Debapriyo Sarkar a.k.a. Riju
3. Mayoukh Sarkar a.k.a Bill
4. Nitish Sekar
5. Avin Deb a.k.a. Astin
6. Sunil Das a.k.a. Suntu
7. Vishwadeep Rout a.k.a. daredevil/landu
8. Moinak Mohinta a.k.a. bhomu
9. Ankan Mandal
10. Anirudh G. Rao a.k.a. anna
11.Harsh Sinha
For the last 4 years we have enjoyed our time as a group...... and hope to do so in the future....... We have created this blog to share our memories and present day activities as a group with the people who read this blog.......

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