Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"Miss Perfect" - by Debapriyo

I have been working on the sketch of the perfect lady for quite a while now, carefully adding characteristics and qualities of my choice.


A superwoman. @_@

Yup, that’s right. Unfortunately, all the girls of this planet are non-super. What to do? T_T

Ok, here’s an idea. Ditch the pencil and take up an eraser. Instead of putting in things I want in her, let’s just erase things which I DON’T want (less in number, thus reducing my work) from the universal set of traits. Miss X will be perfect as long as she can fit herself in the remaining space.

You’re a suitable candidate (applicable for female readers) to be my Miss Perfect provided that you’re NOT :-
  • Overly sentimental. I know this condition rules out 90% ladies from my list. Not my fault if I can’t tolerate fuss and tears about each and every insignificant thing. That doesn’t mean you’ll have to be devoid of all emotion. This point covers the fact that you must not be short tempered.
  • Superstitious. Well, superstitions to the level of having faith in God are ok. But if you say stuff like “My astrologer says you’ll have to do this to be suitable for me”, then I’m definitely not suitable for you. (sarcasm intended)
  • Possessive. Look, here’s the deal. Trust me and I won’t betray you. Keep an eye on me, and you’ll find a handful of dust in it. ^_^
  • Too attitudinal. I admit that a little attitude does attract me, but not if you overdo it. You don’t want me to get the idea that I’m the only one interested.
  • Immature. Sorry to say, you must be a grown up. (mentally) ;)
  • Excessively romantic. Romance is good, and very much essential in a relationship. Just make sure it’s not the ONLY thing in the lovestory. Remember, “True love is neither physical nor romantic; it’s not about surviving the storm, but about dancing in the rain”. < I don’t have a clue who wrote that shit. I mean to say that, to me, love is just the feel-good factor you get when you’re with ‘the one’.
Enough of lectures. Among the other conditions -- you must love me. No one-sided stuff from me. And last but not the least; I should like you from a holistic point of view (no pun intended). ~_~

That’s all. Auditions open for interested candidates till > my relationship status turns committed. O_O

* Terms and conditions are subject to change as per the discretion of the author.


  1. Nitish says..... Dude, why do you wan't to get yourself tangled in the needs and deeds of girls......????

  2. Debapriyo says.... This is a mere comical post. I thought you'd get that. -____-

  3. well debo..he does not get it !!