Sunday, October 31, 2010

"Behind the scenes of Unreal reality" - by Arpan

It is Halloween and set off with Nitish and Debopriyo for the shooting of the starting part of the movie. We go to the same place where we had our experience and started to plan and, eventually, started to shoot. It was around 5:15PM when Nitish left for his home to do some work. So we continued without him.

When we had shot another few minutes of video, we played it to see whether it was good or bad.

Just when we started to see the video, there was a faint sound of footsteps. I heard it first and asked him whether he did too. He didn't. After a few seconds, the sound of footsteps was audible and suddenly we heard a light sound. We both heard it this time. We were extremely scared, and immediately we ran like we never ran before, went to Harsh's house. Unfortunately a camera was not at the right place at the right time.....

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